Another Mother’s Day Without You…

Most people don’t know that this past Sunday was “Bereaved Mother’s Day”. This is certainly a day that is not for celebrating, but for those of us who have lost a child to gun violence, this is our reality. With Mother’s Day coming this weekend, my plans look different than most moms. I will start my day at the cemetery to get some alone time with my daughter the only way that I can. I will end my day at the cemetery with the rest of the family who also want to visit Jaime. I will not be heading out in public for a Mother’s Day brunch. I will not spend a day with my complete family, because one member is always missing. I will cherish the moment with my son, as I know life is too precious not to. I will also spend time with my own mother and mother-in-law for the same reason.

I always want to keep Jaime’s memory alive which I do every day with the foundation that we created in her honor. Orange was Jaime’s favorite color so the dance community wore orange ribbons in her honor, and Orange Ribbons for Jaime was born. Ironically, we found out that orange is also the color of the gun safety movement. What a perfect name to honor my beautiful girl. Nobody should ever forget Jaime’s kind soul, her compassion for helping others, her humor and her graceful leaps in dance class. I miss her more than I can describe.

I lost a big part of myself when I lost Jaime. I am a new person now. I am one who knows that each day matters. I am one who never misses a chance to tell someone how much I love them. I am one who tries to appreciate the very small things. I am one who understands heartache more than I ever could have imagined. I am one who thinks about Jaime daily and will never stop. I am a forever grieving mother, but I am forever her mom.

Carrying on Jaime’s legacy is now my life’s mission and I am truly thankful for the support of our followers. What matters most to me is being there for others who have also lost loved ones to gun violence and supporting the amazing organizations and causes that were important to Jaime. With your continued support, we will reach many more people and places. Thank you for helping us to help others through your involvement with Orange Ribbons for Jaime, and thank you for always remembering Jaime.


-Jen Guttenberg