A Wish For Mother’s Day…

Every holiday is difficult, but when you lose a child, nothing is harder than a Mother’s Day without one of your children. With others by my side, I continue to push forward to spread kindness and goodness, just as Jaime would have wanted me to. 

It’s been four years without her. Year after year I hope that it will get easier, but it does not. The one thing that keeps me going is honoring my daughter in every way that I know how– through her foundation, Orange Ribbons for Jaime. This year on Mother’s Day, it feels especially important to me to thank those who help us in keeping Jaime’s memory alive. So many of you have been there for us since the beginning. Some of you are friends of ours from before, and some of you are complete strangers who took us under your wings and continue to share our messages and donate so that we can give back to causes that meant so much to Jaime. I need you to know how much it is truly appreciated. 

While the months and years drag on with a constant hole in my heart, the work we do has helped to fill some of that emptiness. Jaime’s foundation reminds us of the good people in this world and allows for us to give back to others, creating positivity and hope during times that could otherwise feel hopeless. We have already donated to organizations in the special needs community, dance and animals. We award 14 scholarships every year to students of all abilities. We also look forward to announcing our new program that will give aid to families affected by gun violence. Without your contributions, none of this would be possible. 

Once again, thank you for your support.


-Jen Guttenberg