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New Initiative To Support Families Affected By Gun Violence

Orange Ribbons For Jaime is excited to announce our new initiative “PAWS OF LOVE”,  a program in partnership with Moss Creek Goldendoodles that provides emotional companion puppies to eligible individuals and families that are directly affected by gun violence.

This program honors our daughter Jaime by remembering her love for dogs and her passion for helping others.

Eligible families can apply directly on our website. After review by our committee, select families will be chosen to receive their loving puppy, along with their PAWS OF LOVE package.


We are excited to announce that our first four PAWS OF LOVE recipients have met their perfect companions GOLDIE, BANJO, TUCKER, & KORRA!

We can’t wait to help more Goldendoodle puppies find their everlasting homes, and instill paw prints on the hearts of those who need it most.

Purchase Your PAWS OF LOVE Bracelet – 100% of proceeds support our program!